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21 February 2009 @ 02:36 am
So I'm making an intro even though I'd told myself I wouldn't. >> That and I have to support mah sistah nebulast...who is actually younger than me. Cranky old women muns for the win? *laughs*

So yes, I'm Selah or Sel or ... other names we won't get into on the internets. *laughs* I've been roleplaying for ... oh let's not go there. A Really Long Time, okay, though j-rock is relatively new. And by new I mean I've only been doing it for about five years. :D Consequently I, er, have quite the collection of muses, though most of them are inactive now. Most active is probably caged_siren, who owns my soul (free lesson time: never sell your soul to a muse - he'll treat it like a trade good and sell it to someone else, who'll sell it to someone else, and so on until something horrible gets ahold of it), and while he isn't the oldest, he is on his third or fourth journal. Bastard. XD

So, um...yes. This is all true. West Coaster, northern US end (as in, vaguely in the Seattle area), working swing shift 40hrs/wk focused on weekends. So all those nifty muse party things? Yeah, none of my boys ever get to attend cuz I'm at work the whole time they're happening. They hate me greatly for this...but generally only give me a little grief because it keeps us all fed and warm. :3 I'm actually pretty antisocial and a bitch (yarly)...until you expose the soft kitty underbelly. XD I bite and claw, but I've had all my shots!

And on that note, I'm going back to sitting in my porch with nebulast and kvetching about kids today. :D
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